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Reclaim your well-being through positive health habits and

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Bringing lifestyle medicine to veterinary medicine

Our programs and services help veterinary professionals improve well-being, enhance resilience, and optimize performance through changes in mindset, lifestyle, and behavior.


Well-being coaching, programs, and resources designed with veterinary professionals in mind.

There are so many programs out there that focus on enhancing well-being and promoting resilience for physicians and other allied healthcare providers, but the same resources aren’t available as widely for you. Through my time coaching human healthcare providers, I recognized the potential to bring specialized well-being support resources to the veterinary community.

As a board certified lifestyle medicine professional and certified health and well-being coach, I use therapeutic lifestyle interventions to help coach on adopting health promoting habits to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being of veterinary professionals.


My passion is inspiring positive lifestyle transformations for both individuals and workplaces alike.

With a background that spans mental health counseling, well-being coaching, and lifestyle medicine, I expanded the Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle in 2020 to include specialized services, programs, and resources to support veterinary well-being.

As a Veterinary Well-Being Coach, it is my job to work with you - as a team - to help you reclaim your health, boost your happiness, and build positive habits that support a life in which you thrive!


Positivity | Compassion | Empowerment | Wellness | Humor

The Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle guides you to build positive habits that support your well-being and establish proactive self-care behaviors. We empower individuals and teams to take small action steps that contribute to lifestyle and workplace transformations. We focus on the coach approach to partner with you and champion a "Practice Makes Progress" mentality for lifestyle and behavior changes.


Well-being coaching focuses on transforming lifestyle behaviors and thought patterns to support your health, performance, and happiness

Melyssa provides a diverse range of topics that focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being for veterinary professionals

From digital products to online courses, Melyssa provides educational experiences through self-coaching programs and resources


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